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      Leon Preston Brooks, Jr.

      %Complete not Uncoupled from Task Status (Actual Work)
      1. I am using Project 2016 as a project tracking tool to calculate and plot Earned Value based on Planning versus Actual Data entered into the Project Tracking Table. I am using “Physical % Complete” for Earned Value calculations as selected in the File->Options->Advanced tab. On the Schedule Tab, I have unchecked the “Updating Task Status updates resource status” check box. Therefore, “% Complete” should be uncoupled from “Actual Work” and “Physical % Complete” as entered in the Project Tracking Table. The Project 2016 Gantt chart with Resources from the Resource Sheet has been Baselined (Baseline1) and a Status Date one week after project Start chosen. The file has been saved and settings verified before I enter any Actual Data in the Project Tracking Table.

      2. When I add “Actual Work” hours that are less than the Planned Work hours (Task completed early) I enter it in the following order: (1) enter the Actual Work = 5 hours (Planned Work = 6 hours); (2) enter the Physical % Complete = 100%; (3) copy the value from the Physical % Complete to the “% Complete” value. When I follow this procedure, Project 2016 changes the % Complete value to 99% even though the Physical % Complete = 100% and the Actual Work changes to the Planned Work value = 6 hours. “Remaining Duration” is changed to 1 hour. My “work around” is to set the “Remaining Duration” to zero hours and re-enter the Actual Work, Physical % Complete and % Complete values. It appears that % Complete and Actual Work are NOT decoupled. Please advise what is going on.

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Leon, you have a lot going on here so I’ll start with a test for you. Assuming in this situation that the task is complete, try updating remaining work to 0 after you enter actual work. I tend to update remaining work when I enter actual in most any tracking situation. Hope that helps…

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