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      Deb Cintron

      Hi All,

      Would any one know of any good training resources/companies that could provide online training for a small group of individuals related to the Admin functions of the tool? I am looking to become more knowledgeable in the total capabilities of the tool beyond what we are using particularly in the area of resource management. Thanks for your help,

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Hi Deb. Are you looking for Project Online/Server training or just Microsoft Project? For Project Online, there are many online training options if you search. The one that sticks out is Sensei as they seem to be the biggest. I haven’t used them but I do know others that have. Note that any online training class will focus on Project Online, which is close to be not exactly the same as Project Server.

      For Microsoft Project training you might take a look at IIL. That’s the only classroom training I know of that does more than a 101 class.

      Know that Resource management in particular is a big area including a lot of options with pros and cons. You might want to combine a bit of consulting with your classroom training. Most any training company also does consulting along with other options, including myself.

      Hope that helps…

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