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      Nick Orchard

      Hi I have a great opportunity to get Microsoft Project more involved in my company at work.
      I need to sell it to my boss but I think he will go for it and I could earn some brownie points!

      I looked on the MS website but the info was a bit vanilla- does anyone have some killer info I could commandeer and sell to my boss.

      We have MS Project for PMs but we need a programme plan.
      Usage is quite mature and I need to make it easier for them to work and keep reporting up-to-date.
      We only have a rubbish share point (repository only) but PMs are struggling to update plans remotely, which is causing me and my PMO buddies a headache…
      We need to do a lot of portfolio managements.

      It’s a good opportunity for the department to progress with the new technology.

      Is anyone can help with a starting point of ‘online’ vs ‘server’?
      Can you integrate current MS Project (standard) users or do these become redundant if we were to switch?
      Any suggestion of some good places to look for this info would be appreciated.

      (If I can justify it, I should have a decent enough budget)

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      Larry Christofaro

      Nick, there’s a bit out there but also a lot more that is handed out at presentations and/or for partners. I’m happy to spend some time discussing what you are looking for and then see if we can get you what you want. Happy to help. Ping me (LinkedIn:  or search for me and you’ll find something) if you want to setup some time to get you started.
      Thanks…Larry Christofaro

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      Jigs Gaton

      Well, in my opinion MS Project Server is great for a group of mature MS project users, but I think you will have to upgrade the standard seats to pro, if you remain with stand-alones vs. project online. The switch is very transparent, and installing the server should not be too hard since you already have sharepoint going. Portfolio management is not all that easy to setup up (at least the bit that gives you meaningful insights across groups of projects), but I’ve only tried it using the 2013 version. Perhaps they made it easier in 2016? Dunno. Good luck.

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