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      Is there a way in MSP Server 2007 to specify who has the ability to modify specific tasks within a project schedule?
      I would like Project Manager A to be able to only modify tasks 1-20 in a project schedule, allowing PM A to change the details of those tasks (dates, dependencies, resources). However, I would like Project Manager B to be able to only modify tasks 21 through 40 in the same project schedule.
      Additionally, Project Manager B will retain the ability to approve all timesheets associated with the project. (which I believe is controlled by assignment manager/status manager)
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      Stacy —
      No, there is no way to do this in any version of Project Server, including the 2003, 2007, and 2010 versions.  The only way to restrict PMs from editing only certain tasks is to break up the project into smaller projects.  One project would include tasks 1-20 and the other project would include tasks 21-40.  Project Manager B would need set him/herself as the Status Manager for the tasks in both projects.  If there are links between the tasks in either project, you could create a temporary master project including these two projects as subprojects.  In this master project, you can set the cross-project links as needed, then close the master project without saving it, and finally save the subprojects.  Hope this helps.
      Dale Howard, MVP
      VP of Education, msProjectExperts
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      If the project managers are opening and editing the actual files from project server it is possible to create the scenariao you describe, but it requires programming in Visual Basic to pull it off.  It is possible to detect who is attempting to make the change, and then reject the change.  This can even be done at an assignment level in a task usage or resource usage view using the Visual Basic that is already built into MS Project.
      With respect to Project Web Access, I haven’t had enough exposure to WPA to know what is possible.   Do your project managers open the actual schedules to edit,  or update using Web Access?
      Gary Phillips, PMP
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