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    Hello every one.

    First I would like to apologize if the fields or terms I use are not called this way; it’s only clumsy translations of my MSP project version which is not in English.
    I have several questions about MS project Multi-projects management. I need to extract from hundreds of studies/projects (for each study):
    – % of progression
    – Remaining work
    -month turnover
    I use MSP 2003 version and I would like to know how to update progression in multi-project mode. I manage to do it in each study but it’s far too long. I tried the same way in the multi-project file but it doesn’t update. (Maybe I don’t do it properly):
    Project/Follow/ update state date
    I also would like to know if there anyway to obtain % of progression performed during a certain time span (a function which would calculate: %t1 – %t2)
    Are there any improvements in 2013 MPS version which could help me to archive those goals?

    If nothing is possible with MSP what kind of solution would you suggest?

    Thank you very much for you help, I hope I am understandable.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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