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      Has anyone used MS Project for outage planning in the Chemical industry?  Can someone point me to a template and/or information on what is involved in such a planning project?





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      I would mail Rod Gill, he has planned and run Petro Chemical outages.


      Regards, Ben.

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      have done extensive Outage planning for manufacturing.  Chemical type factories that do shutdowns for 1 day or up to a month to maintain the equipment so I have processes for both.  I have written this process for 4 companies and upgraded each of their processes.  Work orders are coming from their WO systems – SAP, Advantis and Passport.

      I can be reached at ellen@lehnertcs.com.  More information is on my website at http://www.lehnertcs.com.


      Ellen Lehnert, MVP

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      For the chemical industry, it will be useful for you to learn about the sds parser from one of the Norwegian companies. This will help you, as a chemical worker, manage chemicals safely and effectively.

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