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      Hello MPUG Community,

      I wanted a to create a field at our project details page where a backup contact could be selected (not typed). Lets just call it “secondary owner”. Without listing 1000 names in a lookup table (if that’s even possible), is it possible to add a field that behaves the same way the owner field does in that it allows me (or a project owner) to select a backup owner?

      Ideally, that backup owner could inherit rights to modify but I’m ok with just being able to add a similar field for now. I’m a fairly new PWA admin with no elevated rights beyond PWA.

      Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Nick, there are some third party tools that can help with this. FluentPro has a couple of utilities that can help with this. You might also check out any Project Server apps (I haven’t tried recently but they are updated frequently).

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      Thanks Larry,

      It does look like one of these might help at fluent Pro. I didn’t see anything at the Project Server Apps site. I’ll have to engage my SharePoint Administrator now. Thank you!

      – Nick

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