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Portfolio Level Timeline w/ Intermediate Milestones showing Phases per Project?

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    Martin Bragg

    Has anyone been able to accomplish this using Microsoft Project (Online, 2013+), Visio? or other tool?
    –and not using MS Excel or graphics app (manually-produced method). I would like to use a method that is updated from project (schedule) data, based on phases or milestone dates/durations and have the timeline auto-update based on those projects, etc.

    The goal would be to produce a portfolio timeline for ~80 projects of a given type. Each timeline (row/item) would show Phases or Milestones overlaid on top of the main timeline duration for that particular project. ex: Planning Phase Duration, Design Phase Duration, Build Phase Duration, Testing Phase Duration, Go-Live (date), Implementation, etc. -things like that.
    This is definitely able to be done at the individual project timeline level, but wanted to do the same at the portfolio level.

    I would like to try MS RoadMap, but it is not available to us. I’ve tried PowerBI, which worked, but current timeline visualizations do not show an overlay of any intermediate milestones/phase info per timeline.

    Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.
    Thank you,

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    Larry Christofaro

    MB, the Roadmap feature might be a good option and should be available to most everyone using Project Online by now? You might want to look into this again. Also, maybe try and look into a tool like WBS Schedule Pro. There is an MPUG session describing this tool on July 17th. Hope that helps…

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    Jigs Gaton

    Hi there Martin, this can be accomplished with the Business Plan from http://www.projectplan365.com, which has many PMO-type functions. Give it a try, the trial is free. Cheers, Jigs

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    Martin R Bragg

    Thanks Larry and Jigs. I appreciate your responses. I hoped to be able to use MS Roadmap, but currently it is not available for “EDU” customers. -only Commercial customers at this time. I will check it out Jigs.

    Thanks again,


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    Miles Goodchild

    I know this is probably much to late however have a look at SummaryPro.co.uk and see if this will give you the tool that you need. I created this many years ago (and have made it available this year) as I got very bored of pushing boxes and milestones around in PowerPoint and Visio and failed to find any tool that automated the updating of complex programme summary plan (plan on a page) removing the inevitable human errors and saving me days of my life 🙂
    Any thoughts or observations are welcome.

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    Safford Black

    <P>OnePager Pro for Microsoft Project Pro can do this pretty easily with either desktop Project Professional or Project Online. This example shows you a chart with nine subprojects, each with phases lined up left-to-right in a single timeline. </p>

    <P>OnePager Pro Phased Timeline</p>

    <P>You could overlay milestones the same way if needed:</p>

    <P>OnePager Pro Milestone Timeline</p>

    <P>You could certainly do either of these layouts with 80 projects as well–the report would just be that much bigger.</p>

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    John Garrity

    Re OnePager, great idea for software. Problem for me is in delivery. We have to use this software package at work and it is extremely frustrating to put up with updates that break an existing dashboard, inconsistent loading of new data, lost milestones, missing labels and on and on. There must be something else out there that is reliable. I would be fine to let go of MS Project too.


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    Martin Bragg

    Thanks Safford. That is kind of the end result/look/feel that I had in mind for this.

    Thank you all for your responses.


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