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      I need to create a progress S-curve for my project but I’m encountering a problem. I’m basing the progress S-Curve on the % Complete of the tasks and their finish date. The problem with this is that if a task lasts for several months (e.g. April – June) then the progress of the progress is being recorded in June, the total finish date for that task.

      For example, if I’m creating a report with the S-curve at the end of April and the April-June task is 25% complete then the 25% progress is being inserted in June which is in the future. This loses can lead to confusion over why the progress isn’t being reported as happening in April.

      Has anyone encountered a similar issue? The only solution I can think of is the break the task into monthly milestones but that isn’t feasible due to the amount of tasks that would be impacted.


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