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      I have been asked by the manager of our Organizational Development department to help create a competency outline for Project Management.
      We are also looking to revamp the Change Management competency wording (as necessary). If anyone has any thoughts on this, I would appreciate it.
      This is our current Change Management competency outline/wording:
      Change Management – Manages organizational change and help others to do so successfully; proposes new methods or approaches to manage change; helps others manage the anxiety associated with significant change

      1. Lacks the ability to accept or create change within the organization; inability to help others adjust to change; demonstrates inexperience with change; rigid

      2. Displays low level of acceptance or creation of organizational change; gives pointers on occasion to help others deal with changes; demonstrates uncertainty with change

      3. Sufficiently handles and implements organizational change when needed; supports others during times of change; demonstrates moderate experience in organizational change

      4. Offers input towards new changes to improve the organization; helps others manage organizational change; demonstrates the capabilities to accept and create changes

      5. Provides excellent contributions for the betterment of the organization; goes above and beyond to help others manage organizational change; exhibits high levels of accepting and creating changes

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