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      We are currently implementing MS Project Online. I’m just starting to create simple reports using the online database (retrieved via OData). Among other things, I would like to generate time-distributed effort reports: Actual effort per employee, process or project per time period.

      The only table I could find in the database with the actual effort per time was the timesheet-table. Do I see it correctly that I can only use this table from the database to generate reports? And so the recording of effort in the Web App must take place exclusively in the timesheet and not in the tasks (since they cannot be evaluated according to time periods)?

      In addition, to a small extent we will also have effort-recording for generic resources and for consultants. These will be done by the project managers in the Project Online on-prem version. How do I get these efforts also integrated into the report – with time reference? I can’t find any table for this.

      I hope that problem is halfway understandable and ask for indulgence as English is not my first language.

      Best regards

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