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      Vignesh Gopinathlal

      Project owner of one particular project gets changed often to other person (Who is not a resource on that project).

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      What version of Project ex: 2013 standalone, 2013 server, 2016, project 365?

      I’m running 2013 server and the only ways I know of that the OWNER can be changed are
      1) the current owner changes it via the PDP page in PWA
      2) another resource with Admin security levels changes it in the PDP
      3) it is possible an external interface is accessing the project DB and changes it, using an API of some type

      General questions that may help others diagnose
      Is it always the same name that it is changed to? or Random names?
      What is the frequency of changes? Randomly throughout the day? Once a week on Friday night?
      Are there any batch or API type processes that run at the same time/frequency as the changes occur?

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        Vignesh Gopinathlal


        Thanks Daryl.

        We user 2013 server. Owner gets changed to one person all the time who has admin rights. It changes when the original PM of the plan edit and publishes the plan. Frequency is some thing once in a week.

        Vignesh Gopinathlal

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      I’ve done some checking on my end since we’re running 2013 also and this is not an issue we are running into. Sorry I can’t offer any other thoughts

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