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    Service Pack 1 for Project Server 2010 (and SharePoint 2010) was released at the end of June, and organizations will be applying it over the coming  weeks.  Please share your experiences with it here.
    Did you encounter any unexpected issues?  Did you have to make special data edits before, or clean-up after, the upgrade?
    How did you approach the upgrade process?  Upgrade a test instance first?  Conduct focused testing afterward?
    Do you have any other recommendations or caveats?
    Did any exciting changes show up that made your life much easier?
    We’re waiting to hear from you.
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    Hi Tom,
    I did the install on our demo server. Points of attention:
    Space on disks (1.6 GB)
    Run PSConfig (SharePoint Conf Wiz).
    To do so you need Admin rights on SQL (Config db)
    Restart App Pools on InetMgr
    It runs fine now.
    Leo Stigter
    Head EPM Competence Centre Capgemini
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    Hello Tom!
    Back when SP2 became available for Project Server 2003, everyone learned a very valuable lesson in deploying service packs… ALWAYS deploy them to a test environment first! This not only allows you to (a) test the software update in a protected environment to see if the update itself does any damage to your data, but it also (b) allows you to test your update process.
    Project Server 2010 SP1 has been out in the wild for over a month, and there have been no major issues published. If you log in with the proper account and carefully follow the installation instructions that are published, then it should be rather uneventful.
    Always follow best practices such as taking the application offline and backing up the server(s) & databases before beginning, and remember that there are multiple service packs to be installed… for SharePoint, Project Server, and Project Professional.
    Good luck!
    Tony Zink, MCTS, MCITP, MCT
    Director of Client Services
    EPM Architects, Inc.
    Web: http://www.epmarchitects.com
    Blog: http://www.epmarchitects.com/blog
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/epmarchitects
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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