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      Calvin Zhang

      On the Project Center view of PWA (2010), we can see the list of projects with the custom field status.

      Is there any way to simply update the custom fields there on the Project Center page (all at once)? Right now we have to go back to each project and update the custom fields for each project one by one either under project pro or PWA. For a PM reporting a bunch of projects, it is very time-consuming.

      Thanks, Calvin

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      Tom Herrington


      The Project Center is a “view-only” web page.  Editing cannot be done on this page.  To provide this method all projects would have to be “checked out” of the server, saved, and checked back in when finished.  Perhaps Microsoft could take this under advisement for improvement to the product.

      Tom Herrington, PMP, MCTS



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      I see. Thanks so much Tom! Calvin

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      Wayne Walker

      Hi Calvin,

      In the Project Server 2010 SDK, there are a set of Solution Starters that provide additional functionality in Project Server 2010. The ‘Bulk Edit’ Solution Starter would allow you to update multiple Projects at one time, which would then be reflected in your Project Center Views.

      It is a little tricky to get working (deployed) correctly, especially if you have firewalls. Plus, once it’s working, it can be a little temperamental at times, but it would save the monotony of opening, updating and publishing each Project individually.

      By default, once it is deployed, the tool will only be visible to  the Administrators Security Group members as an additional icon in the Project Center Ribbon.

      Hope this helps.


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