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      Does anyone have information on integrating Project Server 2010 with MOF applications such as Service Manager or Operations Manager?
      Our company is looking to introduce service management and still be able to manage enterprise resource management without having to duplicate entry of data into two separate applications.  We would like to account for the individual’s time from service manager in Project Server 2010 to ensure that the timesheets document all the work that the individual was responsible for performing.
      I’m not even sure where to start looking for this, so any information on existing applications, potential development opportunties using APIs or anything of the like would be appreciated.
      Thanks in advance!
      Ginger Drehmel-Leland
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      LOB integration is likely to need to use PSI API’s. The source of information is the Project SDK downloadable for free from
      Rod Gill
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      Hi Ginger,

      Perhaps creating a Business as Usual (BAU) Project and using the PSI to take the task info from Service Manager (7?) and populate the tasks.

      To do this you would need SM to have duration, effort estimates (and actuals would be desirable) and a resource/task key field shared by PS and SM. That way each task could populate the BAU project and have the assignees effort estimates affect other projects resource availability.


      • The frequency the BAU project must be updated.
      • Are resources Proposed or committed?
      • Task ID synchronisation between systems
      • Generic Resources, RBS and Team setups in both systems will be niggly
      • Task Approvals and workflows may well collide (this is very prob)


      I would think more about producing an SSRS exception report for project and line managers to show resources with conflicts and over utilisation due to BAU and project commitments.


      Simon Newton

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