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      Dear Sir,

      My management wants to track the status of all the running 9 projects on a single sheet of paper, which I suppose will not be possible with a stand alone version as it has only 64,000 rows, which I told him. He then further probed me and then I said that it may be possible with Project server, but I will find out and let you know. Please let me know if it is possible as each of our 9 projects will be mere duplication of each other as far as activities are concerned (Some scope may change). And some resources may change. Each single project is resource loaded and will have about 28000 activities. Does implementation of Project server single user license can be assessed by multiple users at sites as well with me as the admin rights sitting at PMO Office and allocating only certain rights to few people related to those activities ? Please let me know. Also, how may activities can we load in a single schedule of Project server at the maximum ? Thanks


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      Jeff Heath


      If your organization does not have issues with having the data in the cloud, I would recommend going the Project Online route vs. on-prem project server. With Project Online (as well as Project Server) you can utilize the out of the box project dashbaord to present to management one view of the performance of all of the 9 projects.

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      Thank you sir. And what is the difference between Project Online route vs. on-prem project server. How many activities can each of them handle

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      I definitely agree with Jeff on Project Online. They are more or less the same product but online is much easier as you don’t have to install and support the server software. Online uses subscription pricing vs. Project Server price per item (server app and each user).

      Also know that even though Online is easier it still requires setup and configuration, and can be daunting for someone who isn’t familiar. Most will tell you that you need at least some help from a consultant. Another though if you are only looking at simple reporting is to combine them in a project desktop and report from there.
      1. Open all projects
      2. Select View/New Window, select the projects and the view you want to use.
      You need to know a bit about using Project, but you can customize a view to show only selected tasks or summary tasks on the view. You can also combine them in a Project report. Understand that the reporting capabilities are not what you can get from Project Online/Server and it is single user, but will be a lot simpler to get going. It all depends on how much you need vs. how much you spend on $’s and effort. Good luck…

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