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      Brian Allen

      Our organization does not use the resource loading features in Project and Project Server. We do assign people to tasks but only use durations and ignore the hours. It appears project server is not configured to provide updates in this format (durations). From my knowledge Project Server is only set up to submit timesheets that use hours.

      Has anyone found a way to use project server to submit updates using only durations (percent complete, completed duration, remaining duration? If so how did you set it up? I appreciate the help.


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      Daryl Deffler

      Project, by design works in hours. If you enter a task of 8 days duration, the assigned resource automatically gets the appropriate Work hours assigned. For example if the resource were assigned the task at 100%, a value of 64 would be placed into the Work field automatically. (8 hours/day * 8 days).

      In our organization, we primarily use the default timesheet, but we’ve also created another timesheet version that allows the resource to update the Remaining Work field. I’d suggest cloning the current PWA enterprise timesheet view and adding the desired field(s) such as as %Complete, % Work Complete, or Remaining Duration to the new view. Then configure the view to allow the timesheet user to update those fields. Then submit the timesheet and see what happens, so to speak. Obviously, you’re doing this in a test environment.

      Personally, I’ve never played with sending in timesheet updates with no hours, just task field updates. But it seems logical that if I can update the Remaining Work field in a timesheet, I should be able to update other fields as well.

      I wish I could provide a definitive yes/no that it will or will not work.

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      Larry Christofaro

      Brian, Daryl gave you a good option if you are and need to continue working with the timesheet. You also have other options if you use the task sheet. You have additional duration fields that can be updated by the user. Note that these duration fields are assignment duration, but I think you can get them to work like task duration if you do it right…such as (1) one resource per task, (2) don’t use Fixed Duration tasks, and (3) setup the projects and task sheet view in a consistent manner. It has a lot of configuration considerations, like the timesheet, so doing some reading and testing in a development environment would be suggested. Good luck…

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