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      Ben F

      Hi All,

      I’m trying to resource a project that involves 2 people working from a list of 200+ tasks of different lengths and I want the plan to reflect that whoever finishes their current task first will then take the next task in the list.

      For example, resource 1 takes task A, resource 2 takes task B. Task B is shorter so resource 2 is finished first and can move on to task C and so on until the 200+ tasks are completed.

      Is there a way to populate this automatically or do I need to go through and manually set the predecessors and resources for each task?

      Any help would be much appreciated!


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      Walter Boggs

      I wouldn’t create a Project-style plan for this. I’d focus on making sure the list is always in priority order and contains well-defined tasks and a clear statement of what constitutes “this task is complete”. Then I’d explain the rules to the team and let them go to work.

      What value would you get from building the type of plan you describe?

Viewing 1 reply thread
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