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      I’m looking for a guidance on assigning resources. I have project where all budgeted resources – material, cost, and work – have been estimated at the top job/project level.

      Material Resource #1
      Material Resource #2
      Material Resource #3

      Cost Resource #1
      Cost Resource #2
      Cost Resource #3

      Work Resource #1
      Work Resource #2
      Work Resource #3

      Task #1
      WP #1
      WP #2
      WP #3

      The project will have many Tasks each with the same WP’s. It is repetitive work so the only thing changing is the location of the Task. How do I assign my resources to each WP? If Material Resource #1 is $250,000 (for the entire project), how do I assign a portion of that to a WP? The same would apply for the work and cost resources.

      Additionally, how do I track the actual cost of each resource. At the start of the project there will be a lot of cost spent on material resources. I don’t want one of the WP to have to absorb the cost of this large cost. Create an acquisition task?

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