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      I am struggling with getting the utilization correct for resource. My example is that I have someone who can spend 2 hours a day to work on a project. Standard calendar of M-F 8-5. They should have 10 hours worth of work for 5 days but I cannot get the autoschedule to work properly. It always assumes 8 hours a day. This throws off my resource utilization and costs.

      Any tips or suggestions?

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      Use the same resource to do overtime or define one resource in resource sheet in max. column put units as 0.25
      and assign that to your project task

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      Karlene Ward

      From the
      From the Gantt Chart view, go to the Task tab turn on Details (it’s in the Properties Group). So you see the details form in the lower half of your screen. Remove the resource allocation you have now, using the form, click OK. Reassign the resource using the Details Form, in the Units field put 25% and then choose OK. This will make the assignment a flat contoured assignment – ie spread the work evenly over the duration.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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