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      Ramil Ganiyev

      Good day Dear Gents,

      May I kindly ask you to help me with below subject.

      On my MS Project I have POB column (Number 16) which has got formula inside where I can see how many workers I need to carry out specific task. According to formula number of required person changes when duration get shorter or longer.
      QUESTION: Is there any possibility to transfer amount in POB column (Number16) to RESOURCES NAMES column?
      So instead of updating resource names manually ( there are more than 2000 tasks) the project will do it automatically.

      Your help and support appreciated in this matter.

      Thanks a lot in advance
      Ramil Ganiyev A

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      Larry Christofaro

      Ramil. Sorry, there isn’t an out of box function that can do this. You might be able to do something with VBA but that’s not my specialty. Maybe someone can help who an write VBA.

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      Ramil Ganiyev

      Mr. Christofaro,

      Thanks a lot for response.

      Dear All,

      Anybody could help me with VBA as suggested by Larry?


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      While I can’t help with the VBA aspects, my question is around the resources that you want the VBA code to automatically assign. If you have a resource sheet with 25 resources and a task needs 10 resources, which 10 are to be assigned? Which leads me to believe you may be using this approach to look more at over all schedule duration rather than using it to assign very specific named resources. If this is the case, consider using the concept of a resource pool. In your resource sheet, you could define 1 resource with a Max Units value equal to 100% x the total number of resources. If you were to have 25 resources, you could set the Max Units to 2500%. Then, rather than trying to dynamically assign up to 25 resources to a given task with the appropriate number of hours on each, you could assign 1 resource with an appropriate Assignment Units value to simulate the number of resources. For example, if the task needed 10 resources, the Assignment Units could be set to 1000% to simulate 10 assigned resources. The resulting task duration will then reflect 10 resources doing the work.
      The primary down side to this approach is that resource leveling will most likely not see resource leveling issues at a resource level, but at the pool level and will not delay tasks or assume resources are over allocated until they exceed the resource Max Units value.
      I don’t know if this alternative approach may help, but if it does, it may be much easier to load the Assignment Units value into one assigned resource than to write VBA code that would need to dynamically add/subtract assigned resources.
      Just a thought.

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      Ramil Ganiyev

      Dear Mr. Deffler,

      First of all let me thank you for great suggestion and detailed explanation.

      In my example I use only ONE resource which is PAINTER. And all tasks carried out by them. So if I can get VAB code then it system will re-write amount of person required for task. For example P1[2.00] will be replaced to P1[3.00]
      Hope this will give more clear picture now.

      Thanks again to everybody for their help.

      RG A

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