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      I deleted a filed from the Enterprise Custom Fields and Lookup Tables. Regardless of the reason and how bad it was, I am hoping that there is a way to restore PWA settings? I thought I heard that one can call in a ticket to Microsoft and they can do a restore, but it would be a full PWA restore – which is fine because the deletion was the only major thing that was done today.

      I did have a chat with Microsoft and they sent me a link to do a SharePoint restore. I think this is different though so I wanted to reach out to the forum for any guidance you all may have. Thank you! Kerry

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      Larry Christofaro

      Sorry Kerry. Restoring enterprise custom fields and lookup tables is available in Project Server but not Project Online. Even with that said, I don’t believe it would reset any projects that set that field.

      I agree that what Microsoft is telling you doesn’t sound right. Unfortunately you are dependent on Microsoft for a solution. I would call them back and validate or get a different answer.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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