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      This feature worked in 2003 ( and perhaps after) but does Not Work in 2010. My boss wants me to find out if someone has built an add-on that I can apply to Project 2010 (not Project Server) that will accomplish this as we need to routinely send out email reminders to task owners as a heads up that a task they are the resource for is About To Be DUE/Completed. Is anyone aware of an add-on for this that works in 2010?

      Send a project note to resources using e-mail–how it use to work:

      When you need to communicate important information to your project staff and resources, you can use Microsoft Office Project 2003 to send them a note using your MAPI (MAPI: The acronym for Messaging Application Programming Interface, which is the standard programming interface proposed and supported by Microsoft for accessing electronic messaging.)-compliant e-mail system.

      To send a note regarding selected tasks

      1. In a task sheet, select the task or tasks about which you want to send a project note.
      2. On the File menu, point to Send To, and then click Mail Recipient (as Schedule Note).
      3. Under Address message to, select the recipients of your note.
        • To send a note to all the project resources, contacts, and the project manager associated with the project, click Entire project.
        • To send a note only to those resources, contacts, or the project manager associated with selected tasks, click Selected tasks.
      4. To attach the project file to your note, select the File check box.

      To attach a picture of the selected tasks in the active view, select the Picture of selected tasks check box.

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      What you are referring to is the workgroup feature that went away in 2007 MSP version.  To my knowledge Project Server is the only product that has this capability and an addon has not been written.

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      Take a look at this link.  It is a site that compiles available add ons either free or for purchase.

      Also – I know that Brian Kennerman was looking for topics for add on’s to write.  You might try to contact him and see if he is interested in developing something like this.  It would probably be for 2010 – no point in developing something for an older version.  You can contact him through Deltabahn:

      Hope this helps.




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      E-mail task reminders would be a really useful add-on. Is there a site that would notify me when this becomes available?

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