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      i would like to set the duration of tasks in hour i m able to do that in the duration column but according tot he schedule there are 8 working hours in a day n if i break the tasks in hours it don’t change the date of the task it self dynamically if 8 hours work are already done in a day. so i wan to set it in hour and like it calculate days i would like to get the hours need for the tasks to be calculated and change the date of the task to other date as soon 8 hours of task are done in one day please help.


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      Mark Smith


      I’m also looking for an answer on “plan by hour”. Essentially I’m pulling together a Weekend Implementation Plan for a production cut-over. Given the tasks being conducted the best way is to record activities at the hourly level.

      So far, I’ve set my project Calendar to 24-hours, but when I add a task (e.g. starts Friday 17:30 for 1 hour) the next task I add defaults to next working day… Really I just need project to understand that all tasks should just take notice of my precedents and schedule without trying to insert any gaps etc.

      Task 1 – 1hr => 17:30 to 18:30
      Task 2 (follows Task 1) – 0.5hr => 18:30 to 19:00

      I’m hoping this is fairly straight-forward to achieve?

      Thank you

      Kind Regards

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