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      Jerry Payton

      I have a portfolio of Project files that all share the same Resource Pool. I’ve also added them into a Master Schedule. Is there also some way that these Project files can refer to the same Base Calendar. In this way, at any time, I could mark Holidays – like Thanksgiving and Christmas – in a Base Calendar and all Projects that use this common Base Calendar would reflect this change in their timing.

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Jerry, great question and off the top of my head I can’t think of an answer to your “exact” request. But, what you can do is to create a common calendar to use when creating any new project. Try this. Search online for specific federal holiday rules , like Presidents Day is 3rd Monday in February and Christmas is 12/25. Then create a calendar that goes out a ways into the future (mine goes out to 2025). Start with entering the holiday for 2017, then go into details and setup the recurrence rule to the end date. This works for all holidays except those on specific dates (Christmas, New Year, Independence, etc.) You then create a special “Holiday observed yyyy” for those exceptions. Independence day 2020 is an example. Once it’s created, go to your organizer and replace your Global calendar with the calendar you just created. Going forward, every new project will be preset with your organization’s calendar. Hope this helps…

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