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      I’ve educated myself reasonably well about MSP 2019 Desktop version to create a Master Project with about 45 simple subprojects for the small non-profit of which I’m a member. It works well. Since about 3 of us would like to have access to the individual projects as well as the master it seemed as though moving to MSP Online should make sense. I signed up for a trial and have been baffled by what would seem like a straightforward matter, how to move the individual projects to online. I’m clearly missing something about the structure of MSPO.

      The only response I found here said, politely, it’s too complicated, pay me or someone like me to help you do it. Is it really that complex? Is there something here in MPUG that would help me do it. I didn’t see anything on a quick search. MS doesn’t seem to have anything meaningful other than how to set up the PWA site. I succeeded at that, but cannot get the projects to upload.

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      Avatar photoDaryl Deffler

      Let me first say, I’ve had no experience doing what you are attempting to do and no MSPO background. I had worked with Server for several years. With that said…here’s a few thoughts.

      I’m assuming MSPO has an Import function since one exists in the desktop and server versions. Have you looked into that?
      You may have to import each project individually and then re-establish all the links from your master project to the sub-projects, which are now in new locations.

      Resources may also be an issue. I don’t know if they can be imported. If importing to MSPO works, MSPO may treat the resources already defined in the imported projects as “local” resources. If your new MSPO environment will be using enterprise resources or you’re using the master project as a resource pool (for the sub-projects), you may need to manually convert/switch the current task resource assignments to the new MSPO resources. Meaning, if Bob is defined in the MSPO as an enterprise level resource, if Bob is defined as a resource in an imported project, MSP would see those as two different resources.
      Project Server has a function that allows you to swap resources if you are using local and enterprise resources. Don’t know if MSPO does. If memory serves, that functionality is in the Build Team from Enterprise function of Server. Again, not sure if that’s in MSPO. If it’s there, you can simply tell MSP to swap all of “Bob’s” task assignments to “George”. It worked well and was one of the very useful features I used regularly as resources were swapped in/out of the project teams.

      You may also have to re-do resource calendars as well.

      No guarantees on any of these items, but simply suggestions that might help you look in other areas of MSPO.

      Don’t know if that helps, but since nobody else chimed in…I’ll try 🙂

      If this doesn’t help or give you some ideas, I’d suggest you identify some of the ways you’ve tried to address this problem here. This may help other viewers identify potential solutions.

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      Thanks for the suggestions.

      What caused my bafflement is that I could not find an “import” function. We agree that it would seem to be obvious, but I couldn’t find it. One apparently must open the individual projects in the desktop, then save them to the web, but when I tried that they did NOT appear. I got a hint that maybe I had a permissions issue with Sharepoint, but no guidance on that issue.

      For me, resources are not a big issue – fortunately. My reading leads me to believe that MSPO actually can handle that fairly well via a wizard approach.

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      James, did you setup a Project Server Account? It’s called Project Server Account but used for Project Online as well. Once created, you will be able to access Project Online and save a project. You then need to publish the project for it to appear in Project Online. There are several blogs and articles on setting up Project Server accounts and publishing projects.

      To respond from other comments in your question, saving to Project Online is pretty simple. The real question is being able to best use Project Online capabilities. Creating custom fields, views, and the many options to meet your needs can be daunting for someone trying to learn. It’s like setting up Project options before you create your first project. The difference is that Project options default to the most common setting. Much of Project Online is configured from scratch to meet your needs and really should be set up front…not required but you’ll be doing rework otherwise. That’s where a partner can save a lot of time and frustration, and can get you to places you can’t do yourself. Hope that helps…

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      Thank you.

      Yes, I’ve set up a Project Server Account, though I don’t remember being told that’s what I was doing with that terminology. Terminology is decidedly confusing in this world as a newcomer.

      I’ve been able to create a test project in that environment, but don’t see any instructions or obvious ways to publish. When I went to the sharepoint root I found that a project created on the desktop and saved to the PWA had been put in as a subsite in Sharepoint, but it doesn’t show up as a project in the PWA and there was no obvious way to connect them.

      Would you be kind enough to give me a link to something on publishing projects. I haven’t been able to find one that dealt with this situation.

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      From within Microsoft Project you can select File/Info/Publish or add the Publish command to the quick access toolbar (I prefer the later). There is no direct option on the built in menus. Note that a Publish also saves the project so you can save an publish in the same step. Then you should also check-in the project.

      As you can see you are just getting started and it seems hard. It really isn’t very hard but will continue being a struggle to walk through it all without some sort of help. Good luck…

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      Yes. That was a major missing step. Thanks so much. Multiple hours of searching didn’t give me that option. I never thought to look in Info.

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