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      Is it possible link the inserted subprojects to master project?
      Explain: I have inserted a subproject (summary task with 5 subtasks) on a master project.
      I pretend that this subproject have the same duration of master project althought the variances will be.
      If i increase the duration of the master project then the subprojecct automatically will also increase.

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      Avatar photoJigs Gaton

      Subproject are linked to master projects by default, no? The master shows the duration of accumulated project durations + the master project duration.

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      Hi Jigs

      I did not explain my issue correctly:

      I have a master project with 100 activities/tasks with a milestone task of conclusion.

      Later i insert a small subproject (5 tasks)

      I would like to have dependencies between the last task of my master project and my subproject summary task.

      Then if i track the tasks of master project will have automatically impact on the subproject inserted.

      Other way How can i constraint (start and finish) the subproject with the master project?


      Carlos Santos

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      Avatar photoJigs Gaton

      Have you tried not linking the Subproject summary task, but the first task in the subproject group?

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