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    guy forget

    I have 6 active projects that I want to bring in a common view. To better recognize them, the task bars have a particular color for each project. Ex: project 1 the bars are green, project 2 they are yellow etc.
    When I create my common view using ‘’ Insert Subproject ’’ the bars turn blue again, the default color of the file that receives the projects.
    Is there any way to tell the system that each project keeps its respective color.

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    Daryl DefflerDaryl Deffler

    I don;t know if this will work, but try opening all 6 projects at the same time, and not using the insert subproject. In the open window, click all 6 and then open. Not sure if this will work, but its easy to try.

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    Larry ChristofaroLarry Christofaro

    As with Daryl, I didn’t try this myself but…
    Once all the projects are open individually, try using the View/New Window option. In that option you can select all projects and then select a view (from your global) which you can setup with your colors. Let me know if that works, good luck…

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    guy forget

    Thank you to both of you, doesn’t work, colors change to the default value of the new window.
    Let me know if ou find something!

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    Matthias Mueller

    Guy, a master project does use its own bar definitions. Hence, you are required to put each bar definition of your 6 projects into the master as well (e.g. Flag1 = Yes for Project1 to make its bars appear green etc.)

    Like that I manage to look at several projects in one view being color coded.
    Let me know if you require further assistance.


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