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      John Murphy

      One Team Member cannot see a project listed in the view in the project center. She is a team member on the project. Also she sees other projects without issue in the same view … both ones she is on and not on.

      Yet I see the project in question in the view …

      Any thoughts on where I should look to fix this would be appreciated.


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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Check to see if she is assigned to a task?

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      Two things I’d look at;
      1) Is there a filter set in the Project Center view?
      2) Is the resource assigned to the project and is the booking type = proposed?
      I’m guessing

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      Just to clarify my prior note, if the resource booking type = proposed, change it to committed.

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      John Murphy

      Daryl and Larry,

      Thanks for the responses as usual.

      When I checked her effective rights on that project, it was unspecified. I found that the PM had assigned the resources BUT as a local resource by typing in her name. So while she looked like a team member she was not.

      When I went to the project to replace the LOCAL her with the ENTERPRISE her, I got this message …
      Resource Mishra Karyn has actuals reported. They will remain on the team but their remaining work will be reassigned to resource “Mishra; Karyn”.

      1) I do not understand how a local resource could enter actuals.
      2) Does the message mean that the actual work done/progress so far will continue to be reflected in the project and the remaining work assignment will be reassigned?


      Am I

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      John, to address your two questions.
      1) Local resources can have actuals “added to them” if the PM updates the task %Complete field. Even when using timesheet single entry mode, this can still happen because when the task only has local resources assigned, single entry mode still allows % complete updates to the task. Once an enterprise resource is assigned to the task, single entry mode will now disallow use of the %Complete updates on that task.
      When the PM updates the %complete, project assumes that the planned work happens exactly as planned and converts planned work to Actual work up to the %complete point specified.

      2) When you add an Enterprise Resource using the Build team function, you can select the enterprise resource and in the Build Team window (also in the Assign Resources window if the enterprise resource was already added), you highlight the enterprise resource on the left, the local resource to be replaced on the right, and click the Replace button. This is actually a very nice feature that works great. When you click replace, all remaining work on the old resource is moved to the new resource on every uncompleted task the old resource was assigned to. If the old resource had actuals and remaining on a task, the actuals stay on the old resource and only remaining work moves to the new and as a result, the task now has both the old and new resources assigned. If the old resource had no actuals (just remaining), the old resource is removed and replaced with the new resource on the task.

      Hope that helps

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      John, it occurred to me that that there is an additional scenario for your question 1.

      Resources assigned to Summary tasks.
      This is actually one of the reasons why PMs should not assign resources to summary tasks. Anyway, consider the following scenario.
      Bob is assigned to Summary Task with 80 hours of remaining work.
      Below Summary Task are sub-tasks 1-5.
      As time is reported on Tasks 1-5, the total %Complete across Tasks 1-5 is summarized up to the Summary Task. Lets assume that actual work across Tasks 1-5 summarizes so that all 5 tasks in total are 50% complete. When this %Complete value summarizes to the Summary Task, the Summary Task now shows 50% complete (you as the PM did not enter that). Because Summary Task is now 50% complete, Project assumes that Bob’s work assigned directly to the summary task must also be 50% complete and as such, moves 40 hours to Actual Work.

      To summarize, if a resource is assigned directly to a summary task, the summarized %Complete for all sub-tasks will roll up to the summary task and project will then adjust the Actual Work/Remaining Work for the resource assigned to the summary task to match the %Complete value rolled up to the summary task.

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      John Murphy


      Thanks for the extra explanation … it made sense and helped.

      Net, net … There were two issues … one was the project was assigned the wrong team (so it did not show up in the view for anyone) and the other was the PM not using an Enterprise Resource.

      I fixed the team associated with the project and replaced the typed in resource with the Resource Enterprise one.

      The resource then could see the project …

      Thanks again and sorry for delay in responding,

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