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      John Murphy

      We use Project Pro 2016 and Project Online. I am not closing time periods .

      Our users are trying to enter time into Project Online back to the beginning of the 2017.

      However, some users can only see planned time for the current Feb 5 week and the previous week. Also ADD ROW is only active for those weeks too.

      What am I missing?

      Thanks John

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      Good morning John;
      Once a timesheet has been submitted, it needs to be recalled before it can be re-opened and time entered.
      In PWA, in the MyTimesheets window, the Status column will show Approved for a previously submitted timesheet. To Recall the timesheet, click on the timesheet row you wish to recall. In the upper left, the Recall button will now be available. Click the Recall button.

      Once it has been recalled, the timesheet can be edited and submitted following the normal process.

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      John Murphy


      Thanks recalling the timesheet helps to allow timesheet changes.

      I have also found that if a task is set to Start No Earlier Than say … Jan 3rd and a resources enters time for say … Feb 3, then the task will no longer appear on timesheet before Feb 3rd. The only way to bring it back is for the resource to delete the time of Feb 3 and then go to TASKS and change the Start Date.

      Thanks … I am learning more and more


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      John Murphy

      Just to clarify …

      My users are entering time from Jan 3 2017 forward. The current date is Feb 15. (It is a long story why this is so …)

      Anyway let’s say that a task has a start date of Jan 3. Also let’s say the user FIRST enters time of the current week (Feb 12-18) with time for Feb 13. This causes the Start Date for the task to change to Feb 13 and when the user tries to go back in time to enter previous periods, the task does not show up. The only way to bring the task back seems to be for the resource to delete the time of Feb 3 and then go to TASKS and change the Start Date.

      Why is this happening?


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      One additional item that might help.
      In the timesheet window, if a task is not showing on the timesheet, the user can click on the Add Row icon and then select “Select from existing assignments”. When they do this a pop-up window appears showing all the projects on which they are assigned. By clicking the triangles on the left of each project and subsequent WBS levels, the resource can drill down into a project, find the tasks they need to have added to their timesheet, and add them.

      However, you may not be able to add a task to an earlier timesheet if the task has a later actual start date. I’ve never tried that scenario.

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      John Murphy


      I tested it …

      Yes, you can use ADD ROW to get the task back to say the Jan 1 week and enter time for Jan 3. The Task start date on the resource’s Task page again is Jan 3. However the planned hours do not show. The only way to get the planned hours to show is to delete the actuals for the task and then voila the planned hours appear.

      Net, Net work around … If you only entered a few days of hours then take them out and then restart from the Jan 3 to enter time going forward. However if you entered a few weeks’ worth, then use the Add Row option.

      However it still is strange to me that the Start Date is changing in the first place.

      Thank you for your help sir!


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