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      Kerry S.


      Prior to PWA, folks were entering their time into Dynamics for accounting purposes. In Dynamics, time entry is at a client level and is simply a distinction between direct and indirect hours tracked on a daily basis. With the launch of PWA, folks are now entering time into 2 systems, but for completely different reasons. PWA is for resourcing purposes.

      To try and reduce the effort of double time entry, we have created an excel macro so that when folks are done with their PWA time entry, they export it to excel, push a button to run the macro, and the end result summarizes the information so that it is just a data entry process to enter their time into Dynamics. Albeit separate programs, we have tried to make consistencies between the two programs where we can with hopes that we can someday have the two systems talk to each other and have just one time entry process (still two systems), with information going from PWA, getting summarized, and then populated into Dynamics.

      I know that they are both Microsoft products (albeit Dynamics was purchased after development), but I thought I’d ask if anyone has attempted to create one time entry process between PWA and Dynamics. If anyone has any suggestions on a path for me to journey down to get more information on this (if it’s possible, how it can be done, who may be able to help with doing it, etc.), that would be greatly appreciated!

      Thank you!

      Kerry S.

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