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Updating the BI sample reports and templates with User-Defined Fields on Project Server 2010

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      The Enterprise Custom fields are added to the respective View in Reporting Database. However, you will need to modify the data connection queries to pull those fields into your sample reports/templates.

      Please take a look at the “Modifying the ODC Connection” section in this blog post by Andrew Lavinsky.


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      We have modified a number of user-defined fields on Project Server 2010. Does anyone know an easy way of updating these fields in the sample reports and templates?

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      If I am interpreting your question correctly, if you create a custom field and save data in it, Project server automatically adds the info to the RDB tables and creates a template for use.

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      For lack of a better way to explain these notifications I am calling them false-positives.  The scenerio is when an exsisting project is opened, saved and then published it will send a notificaiton to all team members and their task, assingment, progress or dates havent changed (at least that I can tell). My best guess is within each team member by default the system sends an alert under the setting of either ‘My project task are modified’ or ‘I receive a new task assignment in my projects’.  However if I disable this within thier PWA account, then there are no notifications of an actual brand new task assignment to that team member.  Any help would be appreciatead!


      These notifications look like:


      Subject: Assignments have been updated on PROJECT NAME

      Email Body:

      Project: PROJECT NAME


      Below are the latest schedule changes. Contact your project manager if there are any problems with the changes.


       Your work assignments below have changed.

        Task Name: Task 1

        Start: Friday, February 24, 2012  Finish: Monday, February 27, 2012  Work: 16h  Remaining Work: 16h  % Completion: 0


        Task Name: Task 2

        Start: Tuesday, March 06, 2012  Finish: Thursday, March 08, 2012  Work: 24h  Remaining Work: 24h  % Completion: 0


        Task Name: Task 3

        Start: Wednesday, March 14, 2012  Finish: Friday, March 16, 2012  Work: 24h  Remaining Work: 24h  % Completion: 0

      To turn off these notifications, go to Project Web App, click Personal Settings on the left menu, and then click Manage My Alerts and Reminders.



      From this page, you can clear the check box for those notifications you no longer want to receive.


      Microsoft Project Server

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      Thanks Denise,


      What would be the proceedure to activate these templates? I look forward to your reply.





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      Thanks Prasanna

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