Why do some tasks update to end of current day, some to end of previous day?

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      Paul Gardner

      Hi all,

      When updating a task using Mark on Track, sometimes a project will update completion to the end of the previous day, but other times it will update to the end of the current day. Obviously this is affecting outstanding work content when leveling resource. I’m sure there must be a simple setting somewhere to determine this, but I have not been able to find it. I always have my project Status Date set as NA.

      Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am using 2013 if that makes any difference to the solution.


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      Mark Collette


      Welcome to the wacky world of MS Project! I am not sure why your particular schedule is acting that way, but here is what I ran into on my MS Project. I had a project that had almost every task with a predecessor and when we changed from Fixed Unit to Fixed Duration, the hours worked for each task were thrown off. If you change the default setting on your Start/Finish in the “Project Options/General/Project View/Date Format” you can see if your tasks all start at 0800 or whatever or if some start at different times.

      Good luck,


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      Larry Christofaro

      I agree with Paul that I don’t know of any particular setting. If setting a time format doesn’t point you in the right direction you might also want to try using the status date. That’s what I use and haven’t had a problem. Good luck…

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      often time for me, the issue is in the the date/time. Try showing the time in the date field and you’ll likely see that the start time is later in the day. Once Project calculates the finish based upon your default day, it will often push the finish into the next day. Just set your start time to earlier in the day… this often corrects the issue (assumes that you’re tracking days and not hours).

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      Daryl Deffler

      This may be out in left field, but I’ve seen similar symptoms in other parts of the tool that were cause by a couple things. First, un-aligned calendars. For example, the Standard project calendar work days are 8-12 and 1-5 but some of the resource calendars are set to work days of 8-4. Additionally, I’ve seen this occur when the Calendars don’t match the default hours/day set in the Options. For example, the default Day = 8, but calendars indicate a different value such as 7.5 or 9. In this scenario, the durations were being entered as 4D meaning the D value was controlled by the default Days duration and not the resource calendar. Like I said, it’s a long shot.

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