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Why does a split task per current progress sometimes revert back to unsplit?

Home Forums Discussion Why does a split task per current progress sometimes revert back to unsplit?

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    I status my projects using the actual start, actual duration, remaining duration, actual finish fields. For a task that is in progress and has remaining effort residing in the past per the current status date I use the update project function to push that effort to the future. However, sometimes when I go back into the file that split reverts back to work residing in the past. Any thoughts? Appreciate the help!

    Matt Dlugolecki

    Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

    Matthew, tough question. The key to the difficulty is that it only happens sometimes. Does it happen to only certain task(s)? When you push remaining work to the future, Project updates the Resume field to indicate when remaining work is to begin again. Keep an eye on this field and see what happens. There are calculation options in the advanced tab if you want to check that these are unselected (but they are by default). Not sure what else could do this. Let me know if any of this helps.


    I take the “sometimes” part back. It happens every time to a task that is split per the current status. If I then update, for example, the remaining duration field for that same task or even remove an old SNET in another task…the resume field for that split task defaults back to when the last piece of that task was completed (prior to the status date) thereby removing the split and an accurate forecast model is lost. I’m aware of the calculation options to move uncompleted parts of tasks to the status date. I usually keep those selected. Am I missing something in the calculation options that should be selected / deselected?


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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