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Kudos to our Big Dogs

MPUG holds live events almost every week. We have an ever-expanding library of expert led courses, and our content is always available on demand. It’s exciting to have so many of you participating in our community, accessing training content, and earning PDU’s in various categories of the Talent Triangle. To celebrate these new tricks and the continuous improvement of our top attendees in first quarter of 2021, we’re mailing out MPUG swag. We’ve also asked a couple of these Big Dogs to tell us what they’ve learned. Neil R. says “I’m a project officer and found the whole site a great source of information and guidance from others who’ve “been there, done that. As a 365 and BI enthusiast, the courses on getting data out of MS Project and into PowerBI and Teams is helping shape the way we want to work in the future by informing our managers and partners of progress, in real-time.” Glad to hear, Neil, and congratulations! 

Another Big Dog, Joseph N., who recently participated in Carl Pritchard’s session, sent this message: “I’m a project management supervisor at UPS. I’ve been managing projects at UPS for about five years, and I got my PMP certification three years ago. I’ve learned so much from the MPUG webinars, but most recently I really enjoyed and got a lot out of Carl Pritchard’s session, Those darn Risk Register boxes! What really goes in there? That session reinforced for me the process and importance of managing project risk, and Carl introduced to me a technique for capturing risks as part of the MS Project schedule. I’m using that in my projects now. The webinars are great for keeping me current and learning new tricks that make me a better project manager and make my job easier.”  We are so glad you found this webinar’s subject matter so useful, Joseph. Congratulations and enjoy your MPUG swag! 

Register for upcoming events now to be a part of the next round. That’s right—Big Dogs get rewarded at MPUG!

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