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Due to Covid-19, MPUG has seen many in our network experience sudden changes in their projects and/or employment. Some have lost their jobs entirely. Emily Gray has been working in the field of recruitment and talent management since 2011. Like many other professionals, she lost her position this spring due to Covid-19 and her employer’s changing business needs.

MPUG was, at the time, looking to convert warm leads to annual memberships. We were able to connect with Emily at just the right time and with a common goal in mind. Since our need was short-term and Emily was available, she was able to do a lot of our recent outreach communication. In fact, some of you may have heard from Emily in the last few weeks! Not only are we grateful to Emily for helping our community grow, but she was on board with our desire to support the ‘Protecting People Everywhere’ Initiative, answering the call to source safe and effective PPE for front-line health care workers.

As Emily shared with us, “Giving back is an important part of who I am as a person. I first started volunteering as a teenager and over the years have volunteered with the Matthaei Botanical Gardens, as a board member of our Homeowners Association, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, as a co-organizer of Fibro Tribe, and as a troop leader with the Girl Scouts of South East Michigan.

When we partnered with Emily for our 2020 membership campaign, she suggested that the money earmarked for the project could be donated to a Covid-19 specific charity. As Emily put it, “MPUG did me one better and decided to donate 10% of all promotional sales revenue to 100millionmasks.org.”

Many thanks to Emily, our new members, and all of you for making this possible. MPUG is thrilled to be giving back to the 100millionmasks campaign during this time!


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  1. Very proud to be an MPUG member. Many true Corporates say that between Integrity and capability for a Job, they would prefer a person with average capability but with highest integrity and philanthrophy. MPUG has proven highest levels of capability and highest integrity and philanthrophy as well. Proud of MPUG founders and team

    With Best Regards,

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    Thanks for your support, Varun!


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