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MPUG Speaker Guidelines – Webinars

Thank you for choosing to present a session with MPUG! Please review the speaker guidelines outlined below prior to creating the presentation. Sessions that do not fully comply with all MPUG guidelines are subject to interruption or cancellation.


  1. MPUG requires the presentation title, description, length, presenter bio, head-shot, and Project Management Institute (PMI)® PDU category (technical, strategic, leadership) at least 6 weeks in advance of the live presentation to ensure timely promotion to the community.
  2. MPUG requires a finalized copy of the presentation slides at least one week in advance and upon booking for new presenters (required for publication and Project Management Institute (PMI)® PDU review/ approval process).
  3. Absolutely no ‘sales’ or product/service promotion will be allowed within MPUG sessions.
  4. Presentations and/or demonstrations may not be done using a tool, add-on, or other custom software that is available for purchase. Use of a custom template must be reviewed and approved by MPUG in advance.
  5. Company name, information and logo can only appear on the first slide and last slide of the presentation.
  6. Sessions are typically 30, 45 or 60 minutes to comply with PMI® PDU requirements. Please allow enough time to present and at least 5-10 minutes throughout the session for Questions and Answers with the attendees. Presenters may give out their contact information for follow-up at the end of the session.
  7. MPUG requires the testing of audio, screen sharing and internet connection with each presenter prior to the live session. Audio and screen resolution settings will be established during this time. We highly recommend using a hard-lined internet connect for best results. 
  8. Presenters must use the MPUG-themed webinar PowerPoint template. Use only visible and large text wherever possible and graphics that are clear, legible and do not cover text.
  9. Any poll questions or materials being handed out to attendees should be set up / provided to MPUG at least 1 week in advance and will be distributed through an MPUG channel.
  10. Please do not share your presenter link with anyone else. The presenter link is unique to you and provides audio and screen sharing control of the session. If you have a co-presenter, MPUG will provide a separate link presenter link.


Maximizing Webinar Success

Following these tips will help to maximize the visibility and success of your webinar both live and on-demand.

  1. Provide MPUG with the presentation title, description, presenter bio and Project Management Institute (PMI)® PDU category (technical, strategic, leadership) at least 6-weeks in advance of the live webinar to ensure adequate time for promotion. 
  2. Write a brief teaser article or provide related tips to be published and featured on MPUG.com and in the MPUG community newsletter. This will draw more interest to the session and link directly to the session registration page.
  3. Participate in the related article and on-demand webinar comments. Those reading your article or watching the on-demand version of your webinar may have questions or comments. Responding to these questions will help build interest in the session. 
  4. Want to share the session on your channels or invite others to attend? Feel free to share the registration page link on your website, blog, or social media platforms. Those interested will be able to sign up for a trial allowing them to attend your session for free.


Please contact us with any questions at events@mpug.com