PCMag Favorite Project Management Tool Survey Results Are In

As project managers, we depend on certain tools to help steer our teams and our projects. Last year, PCMag rolled out a survey to their readers on which of these management and collaboration tools were the best. The results are in and guess what? MS Project came in second as the best tool for keeping everyone on task.

As Eric Griffith tells us in his recent article, Trello’s overall satisfaction score jumped significantly in this survey. In fact, it was enough of a jump for it to be scored #1 with PCMag readers. He says,

This online-only kanban tool goes for the visual route to keep chores and projects easily managed. It took the high scores in every category in which it was rated. Trello broke the mold on this one; it’s the first project management-specific tool to score anything higher than a 7.5 overall score (out of 10) in our surveys. That it managed an 8.0 in a software category not a lot of respondents seem to embrace (few people love the tools thrust upon them) seems nothing short of miraculous. In fact, it left last year’s winner, Microsoft Project, in the dust even though Microsoft’s score was the same this year as it was in 2018.

We’d like to know what our MPUG readers think? What does this result mean for Microsoft? For MS Project users?

Read the full PCMag article.


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