Keyboard Shortcuts

How To Remove (blank) Values in Your Excel Pivot Table

You might call it perfectionism, but I hate when my reports don’t look their best. One of the most irritating elements is the “(blank)” text you may have on your Excel pivot tables. ...Read More

99 Tips

We’re featuring 99 of our favorite “tips and tricks” to celebrate this month’s $99 Sale! Members and teams get 23% off your annual membership renewal or annual subscription now through September 30th!...Read More

Keyboard Shortcuts in Project for the web

For the past couple of weeks, I have been busy creating training content for the new Project for the Web application. Beyond the usual keyboard shortcuts like Control + C to copy an item to the Clipbo...Read More


Saving Time with Tips, Keyboard Shortcuts, and Macros. Project has many data manipulation tools and ways to set up easy access to different commands. Implementing these shortcuts will allow you to wor...Read More

Webinar Recap: They Finally Did It! Microsoft Releases a Brand-New Version of Microsoft Project

Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Tim Runcie’s They Finally Did It! Microsoft Releases a Brand-New Version of Microsoft Project webinar being provided by MPUG for the convenien...Read More

Ask the Expert: Import Excel Data into Project – Tips & Troubleshooting

MS Project’s import/export function is not as clear cut as it seems, but if you follow some of the tips below the procedure should work more smoothly for you. The design of the data, the wording of th...Read More

Microsoft Prepares for Office 2019 Release

Last year, Microsoft announced its upcoming release of Office 2019. From the official announcement: “This release, scheduled for the second half of 2018, will include perpetual versions of the Office ...Read More

Three features You Will Like About Microsoft Planner

On my personal blog, I once wrote that Planner is one of the better Project Management tools. It’s because this “new” app by Microsoft has grown a lot and fast. I’m not the only one that notices the p...Read More

What Features to Expect in SharePoint 2019

Sharepoint 2019’s development is going on in full swing. Microsoft briefed about the progress in the recently concluded Ignite conference at Orlando. This has sparked interest among potential users al...Read More

Microsoft® Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

MPUG has done the work for you! We spent some time compiling some of the most useful Microsoft® Excel keyboard shortcuts. Keeping this page bookmarked for reference will help make your life a little b...Read More

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