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Tips for Taking the Microsoft Project 2010 Certification Exam

Pop quiz! What type of task should you create in Microsoft Project 2010 so that the Start date, Finish date, and Duration of the task don’t change automatically?

A: Auto Scheduled
B: Fixed Units, Non-Effort Driven
C: Manually Scheduled
D: Fixed Units, Effort Driven

Are you able to answer this question correctly? If so, you’re one step closer to passing Microsoft certification exam 70-178, which is the “Microsoft Project 2010: Managing Projects” test. (By the way, you can find the correct answer to the preceding question at the end of this article.)

I recently took exam 70-178 for free in its beta form. As someone who works with Microsoft Project 2010 and Microsoft Project Server 2010 professionally, writing books and teaching classes on the software, I was anxious to tackle the exam and see just how well I understood the products.

Although some of the questions were challenging –since they tested my knowledge on certain features I rarely ever use –I stillpassed the exam with flying colors. Based on my experience with this exam, I would encourage you to take it to certify your knowledge of the Microsoft Project 2010 desktop application.

Be sure to click the “Skills Measured” tab to learn about the Microsoft Project 2010 body of knowledge with which you must be familiar to pass the exam. Take very seriously the skills you find listed on the Skills Measured page, as there could possibly be one or several questions on any of the skills listed.

If you click the “Preparation Materials” tab on the Microsoft Learning site, you’ll probably be disappointed to see that Microsoft lists no official materials to help you prepare to take the exam. Don’t despair, however.

Among other publishers, MSProjectExperts offers an excellent self-study book that will prepare you for every skill needed to pass the exam. Titled, Ultimate Study Guide: Foundations, Microsoft Project 2010, this book includes a free download with supplemental training materials and sample files; the book and downloadable content have been independently certified to map fully to every skill listed on the “Skills Measured” page of the Microsoft Learning site for exam 70-178.

As you prepare for and then take certification exam 70-178, remember these tips:

  • The exam includes 55 multiple-choice questions and you have two hours and 15 minutes to complete the test. That’s plenty of time, so don’t rush. If you run into a question and you don’t know the answer, mark it for further review, and then work on the question again at the end of the exam before you click your final submit.
  • You won’t see or use Microsoft Project 2010 at any time during the exam, so you must answer every question from memory. Because of this, it helps if you memorize the buttons on every Ribbon in the software as well as the features that appear in the Backstage as well.
  • The exam may include questions about features found only in the Professional version of Microsoft Project 2010. These features include the Team Planner view, the Inactivate Task functionality, and the Synchronize with SharePoint Task List functionality. The Ultimate Study Guide fully documents how to use the features found only in the Professional version of the software.
    • The passing score for the exam is 700 points out of a possible 1,000 points.
    • When you pass this exam, Microsoft certifies you as a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS): Managing Projects with Microsoft Project 2010.

You must register in advance with a Prometric Testing Center to take the Microsoft certification exam 70-178.

As promised at the beginning of this article, the correct answer to the question is C. In order to create a task in which the Start date, Finish date, and Duration don’t change automatically, you should create a Manually Scheduled task. There. That’s one exam objective down.

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Written by Dale Howard

Dale Howard is the Director of Education for Sensei Project Solutions.  He is in his 15th year of serving as a Microsoft Project MVP (Most Valuable Professional) and is currently one of only 39 Microsoft Project MVPs in the entire world. Dale is the co-author of 21 books on Microsoft Project, Project Server, and Project Online. He works out of his home in Ellisville, Missouri (a west suburb of St. Louis).

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