When Microsoft Project users have a question, MPUG members usually have an answer. Here are the top most viewed discussion forum conversations from 2011…

1. Multiple Time Zone values in MPP
Started by Laxmi Sushuma

2. What is the cheapest way to get a legitimate copy of Microsoft Project Professional 2010
Started by Daniel Walsh

3. Help! Durations changing when tasks move in a resource-loaded schedule
Started by Roxanne Diaz

4. Microsoft Project 2007 Professional: Resource Pool and Project Linkage/Calculation problems
Started by Nell Klumph

5. Project crashes all the time after using Resource pool
Started by Ben Wiegers

6. Is Project Management a Profession
Started by Paul Giammalvo

7. The Deliverable Task Icon is Greyed Out
Started by Shirley O’Kief

8. Bug with Project 2010 Timeline
Started by Christine Kelly

9. Inactivate Task problem
Started by Christine Kelly

10. Where is the “entry” bar in Project 2010
started by Laura Williams