Author: Lindsay Curtis

Lindsay Curtis writes about communications, education, healthcare research, and parenting. She has extensive experience as a Project Manager, primarily in the healthcare and higher education sectors. A writer by day and a reader by night, she currently works as a Communications Officer for the University of Toronto. She also provides freelance copywriting and social media strategy services for businesses of all sizes. Learn more about Lindsay at

The Five Best Project Management Apps for Microsoft Teams

This expert comparison of the 5 best Project Management apps for Microsoft Teams will help you quickly choose the best option for your team.

Picture of People Managing Risk

Five Risk Management Best Practices for Project Managers

In this article you will learn about five risk management best practices for project managers.

Project Schedule

Project Scheduling Methodologies That Drive Results

A few years ago, I worked with a Project Manager (PM) who was seen by many as a micromanager. During our weekly schedule tracking meetings, she would go around the room and ask each team member to giv...

Recruiting, Hiring and Managing Talent: Best Practices for Finding Strong Project Team Members

The success of any project is indisputably tied to the quality of the team members working on it. As a project manager, you play a key role in the recruitment, hiring, and management of talent. This i...

How to Keep your Team Productive in Uncertain Times

Whether it’s living through a global pandemic, a reorganization at your company, or political turmoil, no one likes to live through uncertainty. When people are concerned about their financial safety,...

Five Interpersonal Skills Every Project Manager Should Have

What does it take to be an excellent project manager? While degrees and certifications and/or the ability to carry out daily tasks and responsibilities are important, being a highly effective project ...

Team Working Remotely

Best Practices for Managing a Virtual Team

When the Covid-19 pandemic began, many organizations had to pivot from working in the office amongst colleagues to suddenly working from home. For some, it was a first. Today, more people are working ...


Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Strong Leadership for Project Success

We all want our projects to thrive and succeed. One person’s definition of what helps make a project successful may differ from another’s, but there is no disputing that good project leadership is a c...

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