Risk/Issue Management & Dashboarding with Power BI (2 of 3)

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Part 2: Supercharge Your Reports with Issues & Risks in Power BI

Event Description:

Elevate your Project Summary Report to the next level! This intermediate session dives deep into enhancing your report with valuable Issues and Risk information. Learn how to seamlessly link additional data sources, build powerful data models, and leverage the power of date tables for deeper analysis. Discover how to create multiple report pages with interactive drill-through functionalities, enabling you to analyze project data from diverse perspectives. By the end of this session, you’ll have a fully functional and dynamic report, ready to showcase project health, identify potential roadblocks, and make informed decisions with confidence.

Learning Objectives:

  • Data Fusion: Add and link new data sources like Issues and Risks to enrich your Project Summary Report.
  • Mastering the Model: Understand and build powerful data models for seamless data analysis in Power BI.
  • Time Travel with Date Tables: Explore the importance and implementation of date tables to unlock deeper insights into your project data over time.
  • Unveiling Hidden Insights: Create additional report pages and leverage drill-through features to analyze project data from various angles and uncover hidden trends.

PMI PDUs: 0.5 Ways of Working, 0.5 Business Acumen, 0 Power Skills

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Written by Ben Howard
Ben Howard – Awarded Community Leader for his very popular and comprehensive UK web training series and has over 30 years of experience of implementing enterprise solutions for customers worldwide.  During that time, he’s worked for IBM, DELL, and Microsoft, as well as several smaller organisations. He now runs his own consultancy (Applepark Ltd), providing Project, Project Online and Power BI implementation and training services. He has been awarded the Microsoft Most Value Professional award for Project for the last 13 years, blogs semi-frequently at www.applepark.co.uk, produces video training for Pluralsight and his own YouTube channel, and finally was responsible for producing P2O, an application that exports tasks from Microsoft Project into Outlook.  You can catch him at ben@applepark.co.uk  
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