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      Harold Gamblin

      New to Project and need advice. I would like to define the work (hours) required as well as the start and completion dates.
      Then I would like to assign resources (people) intermittently to the task full time – example task will require 60 hours of work but I would like to assign a resource for the next two days only contributing 16 hours leaving 44 hours still to completion. How (or can) I achieve this senario where Project will still honor my dates and total work definitions?

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      Sai Prasad

      Harold – You can ask Project to respect the Start and Finish date by changing the Task Mode to Manually Scheduled. This will ensure as you increase/decrease work the start and finish won’t change. Now change your view to Task Usage (View ribbon). In Time-phased data (right side) enter the 8 hours for the first two days and make edits for the remaining days left.

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