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      Thanks for a really informative session on Best Practices for Baselining and Variance Analysis.
      I am currently using MS Project 2016
      I have a task that is 15% complete but their has been a change in the project and the task is no longer required. The project has been baselined.

      How should I treat with this task in going forward?

      Also, could I get a copy of the schedule Dale Howard was using in the webinar.

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      Larry Christofaro

      Yes, Dale is one of the best when it comes to teaching concepts. I can answer your first question, but you might want to ping Mr. Howard directly to get a copy of a schedule. I believe Dale’s general answer would be to zero out remaining work to complete the task. That would preserve the baseline and the fact you engaged in the task, but no additional work is expected. Hope that helps…

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      Sai Prasad

      Hi, Deleting the task or changing its remaining duration to 0 days will cause confusion now or later. Rather make the task inactive; right click the task and choose inactivate. Inactivated tasks will not participate in the schedule. Hope this helps

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      Thomas Boyle

      Following up Sai’s point:
      1. For a future task, inactivating is what I would do, though for an in-progress task I would attack it the way Larry suggests. In earlier MSP versions, “Tasks with existing actuals cannot be inactivated.” Has this changed in MSP 2016?
      2. Except in MSP 2010, I wouldn’t agree with “Inactivated tasks will not participate in the schedule.” In MSP 2013+, they participate in a way that most users want to see. (Inactive tasks pass logic from their predecessors to their successors through implied FS relationships.)

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