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      CP ends at task #299 as there is no predecessor. But it i snot th eproject closure day.
      All tasks are auto shceduled, some of them are complete, some of them wre copy/pasted from another file.
      Finally, thh ecP is not shown correctly, any ideas? Thanks

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      Avatar photoDaryl Deffler

      Generally speaking for CP calculations to work correctly all tasks/milestones need to have both a predecessor and successor. I’d suggest creating a view showing any task where the predecessor or successor field is null to provide you a quick list of any tasks that need to be “fixed”.
      Hope that helps

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      Avatar photoSai Prasad
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      As task #299 is not the last task in your project, check the following:
      1. All tasks except the last task and first task should have at least one predecessor and successor
      2. Check if you have Finish no later than, Start No late than constraints on tasks. This can affect the calculation of the slack
      3. Check if you have deadlines on tasks, which can affect the calculation.

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