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Do you use SharePoint or some other tool for collaboration on your projects?

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      Do you use SharePoint or some other tool for collaboration on your projects or initiatives?

      1. Microsoft SharePoint
      2. IBM Lotus Notes
      3. Google Apps Premier Edition
      4. Jive Software
      5. Open Text
      6. Other (Please Specify)


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      Cathy E

      We use SharePoint and email. I would prefer to get away from email and have all “text” conversations within the Discussions on SharePoint so the history is available to everyone. That’s a big change, though.

      SharePoint is great for custom lists and easy for all team members to sign up for alerts.

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      Michael England

      We mainly use email. Currently, our SharePoint use is limited to document management. I would be interested in how others use SharePoint for project management.

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      Thanks Michael,

      Would you be considering implementing Project Server?



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      Naomi Flanagan

      SharePoint is a great tool for project collaboration, even if you are not using Project Server.  It can serve as a “lightweight version” of Project Server by setting up project sites and using a common SharePoint list for project deliverables, another for risks and issues, etc.  It can be especially helpful in cases where project information is located in different places.  This can be handled by having a SharePoint list of projects which includes in each project record basic information such as the Project Manager, Project Lead, Customer, Start Date, Current Risk Level, etc. as well as links to specific information such the location of the contract/SOW, specific project site or documentation folder, schedule (like from a third party tool), and status slide.  Then, a view can be made on a SharePoint site or page providing the information for all projects and can even be customized very easily using SharePoint Designer to show status by color coding.

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      Keith Oswalt

      We use SharePoint and we also use TFS in concert with Project Server.  Each have their own uses.  The TFS implementation is more for the developers.  I personally prefer Project Server, which sits on top of SharePoint, so you get to use both.

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      Danielle Tiemann

      We use Sharepoint for managing projects. It is mainly used as a repository to house all of our project documents. Our company is looking into getting MS Project Server, but that could take some time.

      What other functions do you use Sharepoint for besides document management?

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      Naomi Flanagan


      Some of the other uses for SharePoint include:

      Project site – for team collaboration (discussion list), document storage, etc.
      Various lists which can be either specific to a project (on the project site) or a “global” list for all projects such as Risks and issues list,  Action items list, Deliverables list, Customer/Project contacts, etc.
      Depending upon your version of Project, you can link a SharePoint List with your project MPP file
      Do a view that shows items on a list (or more than one list) belonging to the person viewing the site so they know what they are responsible for
      Do a “dashboard” of all projects as I previously mentioned

Viewing 7 reply threads
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