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      Hi everyone,

      I need your help!

      My coworker sent me a schedule with Microsoft Project 2016 and there are dependencies Finish to Start between each tasks.
      I don’t understand why these tasks are starting on the same date as the finish date of their predecessors.
      For example: task 1 starts on Monday and ends on Tuesday. I’d like the task 2 to start the day after the task 1 ends, so on Wednesday, and not the same end finish day as its predecessor, Tuesday.

      How to re-establish the default of the FS dependencies? The successor should start the next day that the predecessor ends and not on the same day that the predecessor ends.

      I really hope someone can help me with this. Many thanks,


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      I don’t know that I can tell you a fool proof means of doing what you want. I’ve never had the need to set up a schedule in this manner. However, here’s a couple suggestions.
      * Add the time value to the date displays. What you want to see is the Start/Finish fields also showing the time value. This will help you understand what IS happening and why successors start on the same day. For example, Task 1 may finish on Monday at 4:30 PM and Task 2 starts on Monday at 4:31 PM but only applies 30 minutes of work on Monday.
      * By default, the predecessor/successor Lag relationship is 0 days, or immediately. Try adding a Lag value of 1 day on the successor relationships. This should move the successor task start date out to the next day. I haven’t had the need to do this, so it’s only a suggestion. Experiment to see if this works.

      Hope that helps.

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      Carlos Santos

      Hi Chloe

      You should check:
      1. Project Calendar
      2. Activities calendar
      3. Activities Resources
      4. Resources Calendar
      If you still have problems please contact me
      Please give feedback

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      Heather Agee

      I would doublecheck a few things. Make sure all tasks are set to auto schedule rather than manually scheduled (task menu). There is also a global setting where you can set all new tasks to auto schedule. The manual scheduling setting basically takes the logic functionality out of the tool. I would also make sure all tasks have the constraint type set to “As Soon As Possible”. If there are other constraints, they can also stop your logic from working. Is there any status on the tasks? If actual start and finish dates are entered, that will force the dates to what is entered in the Actual Start/Finish column. If none of that works, make sure there are no predecessors and successors on the summary tasks. If there is a predecessor on the summary task, it will force all of the sub tasks to comply with that predecessor relationship which would make all tasks potentially start on the same date, pending any other predecessors the sub tasks may have. Good luck!

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      Thomas Boyle

      Good advice above – especially Daryl’s first bullet. The two most common root causes for this condition are:
      1. The Default start time in “Calendar options for this project” is not aligned with the start time of one or more effective calendars, and this has introduced a slight offset when an actual start or finish date has at some point been manually entered.
      2. The Default start time, Default end time, and effective calendars have been correctly modified from the out-of-box (Standard) values, BUT the project’s Start date (in the Project Information dialog) has been left unchanged at 08:00 on the first day of the project. If the modified workdays start at 07:00, then this issue creates a 1-hour offset that cascades through the whole schedule from day 1. If no progress has yet been recorded, then fixing the project’s Start date (time) will correct the issue easily.

      Good luck, tom

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      Hello I am having the same issue. I am using Microsoft Project and The Predecessor finish date Is the same of the start successor date. I’ve already check all the Menu Options listed above but still have the issue. Any help

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      The first thing I always check when I see that is to look for tasks which have fractions of days. For example if a task is set for 1.5 days, it will start on Monday and finish on Tuesday, but the successor will also start on the Tuesday (12:00pm).

      If you format your dates to include times (i.e. Dec 14 2020 8:00am) like what Daryl said above, you can quickly check to see where this might have accidentally happened.

      -Bob C

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