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      I am evaluating MS Project (MSP) 2013 Standard version using a free trial version. I was checking whether the macros that I used to run on MS Project (MSP) 2003 now run using MSP 2013. The macro itself ran successfully without showing any errors but the outcome within the project plan was different. The original plan after macro run was completely changed with some sections getting overwritten, some moved around etc.

      After single step debugging found that the “EditCopy/”EditPaste” command was not copying/pasting a summary project task in MSP 2013 whereas 2003 used to do. In the place of copying a summary task, it just copied the summary task name without children below it in case of MSP 2013. This is same if whether copied from and copied to are in same file or different file.

      Investigating further, I found that collapsing a summary task before using “EditCopy” command and then using “EditPaste” pasted the summary task within the same file correctly but not from one file to the other. In the later case, not even the summary task name got copied.

      I also used “EditCopy”/“EditPasteSpecial” combination, which also did not do anything different. Whether anybody faced this issue, any suggestions as I have run out of ideas?

      Keshava Moorthy

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      Keshava Moorthy – I have limited knowledge about 2003, but I agree with you in Project 2010 and 2013 copy the summary task just copies on its name. So, the option is you need to iterate the complete task list and do the copy

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      Keshava Moorthy

      Hi Sai Prasad,

      Thanks for your response. I also raised this query in Microsoft community forum, hoping Microsoft technical team would respond and clarify. They did not !

      But somebody else responded saying I should use “Height” and “Extend” parameters in the SelectRow command before doing EditCopy. I tried the same but no difference while copying from one file to other as it still did not copy.

      It looks like a bug in 2013 which Microsoft did not fix. I would have expected a macro in 2003 working in 2013 without any change as otherwise why I would buy 2013 if I need to change my macors when I am not interested with any additional features? I am also worried there might be more such issues in 2013 !

      Like you said, thinking now of copying line by line, maintaining properties such as indent/outdents to maintain children relationships.

      Thanks again for your time. Much appreciated.

      Keshava Moorthy

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