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      Hello! Accidental project manager here. I’ve created a project that captures all the work I need to do, but I now need to get some cost/work data out and into a proposal. Throughout the project, the Cost and Work columns are filled as I want them, and I use Text1 as a work package code (not presently using the built-in WBS numbering system). I have assigned resources to each task.

      What I want to get out is the work (or cost) per resource per work package.

      I’ve been playing with Report Tables and Resource Usage, and have gotten other formats that are useful out (like resource per unit time), but getting a table capturing at once parameters from the resource list and from the task list is proving elusive. Yet, I would have thought that such an output was a common need.

      So: is there any way for me to see resource usage (cost/work), grouped by Text1 of the tasks that they’re assigned to?

      Illustrating example:
      Task – Resource Work – Text1
      Task 1 – Resource Jill: 1 month – WP X
      Task 2 – Resource Jack: 1 month – WP X
      Task 3 – Resource Jill: 1 month – WP Y

      Desired output:
      Resource Jill work:
      — WP X: 1 month
      — WP Y: 1 month
      Resource Jack work:
      — WP X: 1 month

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      Do you know how to export a project file to Excel? This might be the easiest way to filter and sum these tasks.

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      I have done exactly this, and I outputted to Excel to do so using a pivot table.

      The tricky thing with MSP is that Text1 on your Task side is different to the Text1 on the resource side. So if you were to look at the Resource usage (which would seem to be a sensible place to start) this view can’t “see” the Text1 which you used for the Work Packages.


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